Monday, June 24, 2013

How to run android virtual environment (emulator) on pc using GENYMOTION

How to run android virtual environment (emulator) on pc using GENYMOTION

Hi guys! take a moment of your time to read this tutorial. This  article will be useful to you. do you ever think to run android on your PC? Indeed there are many ways to do it. Many tutorials are available on the internet, haha! but, In this tutorial we will use a  different way. have you heard about the Genymotion app? yup, we will learn about How to run android virtual environment (androVM / emulator or what else) on your pc using GENYMOTION! sorry I'm not good to make foreword :)

If you want to run android OS on PC, this is very useful if you want  to run android apps or want to test android application. If you are an application developer, is also required. I accidentally found this tutorial. A member of the xda-developers with nicknames pratyush997, create articles about Genymotion. apparently, genymotion is an Android Virtual Environment that worth to try. GenyMotion available for windows and linux platforms. In this case we will install on windows platform.

To install the Windows platform, we will need two essential components:

- Engine of Oracle VirtualBox, download here.
- GenyMotion. Just signup and download here.
- oe download GenyMotion that contained virtualBox here
The next step is to install virtualbox. This step is very easy, no need to explain :) Next, install GenyMotion. This step is also very easy. Then, run GenyMotion, if you have not installed virtualbox, it will display a warning that virtualbox is not available.
This is a picture of the first launch of genymotion
GenyMotion first start. image by pratyush997

attention! you need to login to create a new virtual device

once logged in, you can add the virtual device you want to install
virtual device deployment, click next

downloading genymotion virtual device

after that, you can start you virtual device
FYI, This android virtual environment is pre-rooted condition. so you can install apps that need root permission. interesting? now you can try running android using GenyMotion virtual environment on your PC, with the tutorial above. Good luck!

 pratyush997, xda-developers


  1. Thanks folks!

  2. thanks man, i saw ur post about genymotion on xda-developers

  3. Hey man, I had already tried Genymotion before I read your tutorial, and everything worked fine except root access. When I tried to run a root app, I got a message saying "can't get root access". I tried downloading a different virtual machine image but it ends up with the same problem. Unfortunately the list of images is different than it was when you wrote this article. I can't find the same one that you got -- "Nexus 7 Jelly Bean with google apps API 16 1280x800" . I have already tried "Nexus 7 - 4.2.2 with Google apps API 17 1280x800" and "Nexus One 4.2.2 with Google Apps - api 17 480x800" and neither is rooted. Do you think there is something else that can be done to make these rooted? Any help would be appreciated!

  4. well, it should be rooted by default..

    please visit advanced discussion post below for further info:

  5. it is not rooted.

  6. it is rooted, open the genymotion setting

  7. done. do you know how to fake device info? i want to fake it because tunein radio app is not compatible with emulatpr

  8. how to install apps